You are gifted! Imagine the possibilities...

In a secular society you are likely to hear more about an individual’s talents, skills and accomplishments. Your resume is a great example.

The Purpose Driven Peers’ community wants to focus on your gifts. If you want to live a purpose driven life you will think and act differently by discovering the gifts you were born with, and how you use them in a way that is instinctual. You are gifted and what you do with your gifts will determine the joy you feel in your life.

If you are successful building quality relationships it may be because you love asking questions and learning as much as possible. This is an example of possessing the “curiosity gift.” You didn’t have to receive formal training to do this.

It’s simply who you are. Is easy to overlook gifts because they are embedded in your DNA. It’s much easier to point to the years you spent studying Arabic so you can speak it fluently. “Julie is such an amazing person because she speaks fluent Arabic.” Julie may be an amazing woman but she relied on other gifts to have the discipline and desire to learn the language.

Please download the brief eBook to get you acquainted with your gifts. This is one of the foundational pieces that will help you discover your purpose.

Share your gifts. Serve others. The world will benefit!

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